We offer full consultancy to assist you with your project. We shall meet you to discuss your requirements and set out the parameters for your specification.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment at sales@perremhardware.com


Servicing our clients is at the very heart of what Perrem Design Hardware is all about. Our business model is shaped in no small part by you, because what is important to you is our priority. When our customers speak, we listen. We always learn a great deal from listening to you carefully! 


We have our own in-house master key department at Perrem Design Hardware. This is a specialized division within Perrem Design Hardware that deals only with master key system planning, production and delivery of master keyed locking systems, security locking solutions and after sales service. Master Key System Planning involves communication with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that control access through mechanically locked door openings. Sometimes these solutions are mechanical and sometimes electro-mechanical, depending on the size of the system and the degree of flexibility required within the system. The security locking solutions we deliver are at the very cutting edge of locking technology.

PDH Gege & Kaba Authorisation Form
PDH Ikon SK6 Master key Authorisation Form


The scheduling process is normally commenced following a one to one consultation. Please send us your door schedules, floor plans and other relevant documents for a comprehensive specification and ironmongery schedule.


Perrem Design Hardware carry out on-site surveys for automatic door systems and access control systems prior to installation to ensure that a specification is fit-for purpose, to highlight any technical issues that may impact an installation and to make any further recommendations based on the survey.


Perrem Design Hardware has been providing automated door and access control systems since 2001.
The engineers at Perrem Design Hardware have an active part in the specification process for automated door systems and access control systems. Their extensive knowledge and experience ensures that our installations are to the highest possible standard, are compliant with current relevant EN standards and best practice guidelines